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Start Your Day with a Dose of Endorphins

Start Your Day with a Dose of Endorphins

The evening runners get all of the glory, right? Evening runs are often followed with leisurely post run drinks and pizza. Shoe vendors love to come out in the evenings to offer runners swag and shoes to test run. Evening runs look like a true celebration of making it through whatever the day delivered and this is not a bad thing at all! Morning runners don’t get the shine their nighttime counterparts receive but morning runners know something those who sleep in do not. Morning runners start their day off the best way possible; with a run and with fiends. Miles in the bank before breakfast is the new thing.

At Pacers Running we have free social runs in the mornings, evenings, and on the weekends. Invariably the calendar and The Scoop promote nighttime runs (and we love nighttime runs) but this post is all about those who lead the early morning crews.

We have a solid slate of ladies leading runners out often before the sun even thinks of rising. They are on time, they have a plan, and they get it done. Check out the options and see if there is an early morning fun run group that looks like a new plan for you.

We have two leaders in DC and between the two of them you can run with friends everyday of the work week.

  • Heather leads her fun run from Pacers 14th Street at 5am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.
  • Kayla leads her morning group out of Pacers Navy Yard at 5:30am on Tuesday and Thursdays. Kayla points out morning runner need to be disciplined since they are getting out of bed specifically to run. The benefits are solid: seeing the sunrise, running on open city streets, and meeting up with friends.

Early morning runs mean catching the Cherry Blossoms before the crowds

There are options for mornings in Virginia too.

  • You can catch Hunter at Pacers Alexandria on the corner of King and Payne at 5am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Hunter sums it up, “We meet at 5 to feel alive! We love to run up and down and all around Old Town! Join in the fun with the am Old Town Pacers gang.” Contact Hunter Benante [email protected] for more information or the group facebook page.
  • In Clarendon you can meet Heather (on Tuesday) and Amy on (Thursday) at the Starbucks at 2690 N Clarendon Blvd at 5am.
  • You can meet me, another Heather, at Washington Lee track on Thursdays at 5:45am. The only thing here is this run is only for women. Typically our mornings at the track are not riddled with weather issues, we rarely need to cancel a run due to thunder. Another huge upside is no one gets caught up in their day or a meeting and miss the workout, let’s face it the only thing anyone is busy doing at 5:45am is sleeping. If you can peel yourself out of bed you are sure to be greeted by some happy faces. Workouts are posted on our group facebook page Pacers Clarendon Women’s Track Group.
  • Angelika will meet you at the Starbucks at 10344 Main Street in Fairfax on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30am.

Heather and the crew at Washington & Lee for a morning track workout 

Come check out some of the early morning run options with us. We are not suggesting you forgo or forget the evening run or your midday run, but why don’t add in some endorphins before your first sip of coffee?

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