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About Breaking3

Chris Farley, host of Pace the Nation -among other things – will be attempting his 19th sub-3 hour marathon after a disappointing 3:01:04 at the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon.

After lots of Miller Lites and support from his growing steering committee, Chris will attempt his sub-3 in the spirit of Breaking 2 . . . but like way better.


Event Details

This is a one man invitational according to Docs. Pacers can contact Docs if you want to help form the flying V.

Attempt will take place on Friday, December 29 around 10:00am at Hains Point after we check the barometric pressure and other stuff.

Awards ceremony at Four Courts around 2:00pm on race day.

How to Watch

We will be broadcasting on Facebook Live on the Pace the Nation Facebook Page.

Background info available via recent Pace the Nation episodes.

Breaking 3 Steering Committee:

Steering Committee (alpha):


Dan and the guys at Brooks:
Chief egg-er on-ers
Kathy Dalby: executive producer
william e. docs: athlete’s agent; pacer coordinator
Adrian Farley: athlete identification; drug testing (if applicable)
Steve Hallinan (Feetures!): course advisor
Steve Laico: digital operations
Bailey Jeff: National Anthem producer
Heather Jeff: communications; food + beverage coordinator
Zak Miller: Vice Chancellor, Maryland Delegation
Kelly O’Cadiz: merchandiser, stylist
OrangeHat: dope designers
Bryan Poerner (Diadora): promotional support, Italian division
Lisa Reeves: technical race director and the person who really knows what’s going on
joanna e. russo: Pace the Nation host
Joe Schultz: casual observer
Kris Utt: timing and scoring official/referee and umpire
Raymond Weeden: assistant principal

Official Pacers (as of 12.18):

Charlie Ban
Dickson Mercer
Mark Naylor
Bill Palmer
Rick Wilhelm

Pacer Coordinator: william e. docs