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  • Summer Training is Here!

    DC Rise is a virtual summer training program born from Pacers Running's DCXC project incorporating running and the basic fundamentals for getting and staying in shape across all sports. Pacers Running working in collaboration with DC Public, Private, and Charter Schools, as well as the Kenilworth Park Community, are bringing running season to youth and families in a safe and socially distanced setting.

    Registration + Workout Information


DC Rise Youth Run Crew is open to all as a safe training program to maintain fitness and community over the summer months. The content and workouts are geared towards middle and high school aged students (ages 11-18) and full family involvement is encouraged. Only youth are requested to register for the program.

Group workouts are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Pacers Running YouTube channel. Students are encouraged to participate in the workouts under the guidance of a coach, either from their school or from the DC Rise community for additional support and camaraderie.

The program is free of charge and students are not required to be part of their school XC or track team. School based running teams are encouraged and welcomed to participate.


What We Do


Summer Training

The mission of DC Rise is building community through running by providing safe and inclusive training for all.


The DCXC Invite

Pacers Running is the proud host of the DCXC Invite presented by New Balance. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not host this event in 2020.


Coaches Education & Athlete Engagement

Every great hero needs support from true fans. We offer education and support for the coaches that work with student-athletes all season long.


All RunWashington

The All RunWashington Cross Country Team, the 62 best cross country athletes across Northern Virginia, DC, and parts of Maryland. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we will not have a 2020 All RunWashington team.