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Broadcasting From Studio 1A

Chris Farley, owner of Pacers Running, along with his college running teammate, william e docs, and Pacers DC Manager, Joanna E Russo, record weekly episodes of the Pace the Nation podcast.

They attract a range of guests from elite runners to everyman runners alike and share great stories.

The show has a local focus and centers on a DC runner’s perspective on running. But, the interviews and discussions uncover the connections between all runners, providing inspiration through common understanding of what it means to be a runner.

The hosts wield varied perspectives from within and without the running industry and blend humor, wit, and insight as they tell the untold stories of runners and provide a peak behind the curtain of the running community in DC and beyond.



Chris Farley

Chris is a long shorts guy.  He claims to have run a marathon every year since 1999 in under 3 hours.


Joanna Russo

Joanna tried every other sport before developing strong feelings for running. She tried every other job before finding a place with Pacers Running sharing her passion with the DC area community. She has also tried every other way to become a small time celebrity before joining this podcast.

william e docs

William E Docs is the third member of the podcast.







Happy Hours and Social Runs

We host regular events so we can meet and  interact with our listeners and our listeners can meet each other.

Stay tuned to the podcast, our twitter feed, or this space for details on monthly Pace the Nation Happy Hours as well as social runs and other great meetups.

The next PaceTheNation Happy Hour:

Date: Monday, July 16th

Time: 6PM

Location: Continental Pool Lounge