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Episode 179 – Happy 2019 Episode 179

Episode 179 – Happy 2019

Thanks to everyone who patiently waited through the holiday season for us to pick up where we left off.  To open up 2019 it’s just the hosts in Studio 1A to catch up and set some resolutions for the year to come. At (5:55) Chris shares his holiday gift, or more like Michael P. Millers […]

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Episode 178 – Lotta Juice (Matt Centrowitz #4) Episode 178

Episode 178 – Lotta Juice (Matt Centrowitz #4)

We start off on the wrong foot at (1:23) as Docs grinds his gears over a neighborly issue. At (8:02) Farley leads us to believe his family flew to Hawaii and then immediately back. At (20:33) we are joined by the director of Manhattan College and four time guest, Matt Centrowitz. At (21:49) we talk […]

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Episode 177 – Sing Second (Elyse Braner) Episode 177

Episode 177 – Sing Second (Elyse Braner)

After we open the show with our obligatory weather talk and a road trip, we bring in our guest at (10:00), Elyse Braner (IMDB, Instagram)  to discuss her running journey, building community with the Pacers fun runs, volunteering in the community and much more. We close out at (32:04) with a new idea for vetting […]

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Episode 176 – Unicorns (Des Linden) Episode 176

Episode 176 – Unicorns (Des Linden)

After sharing our travel experiences, we are joined by two-time Olympian and reigning Boston Marathon Champ Des Linden (@des_linden on twitter and instagram), from The Running Event floor. Des discusses downtime, hobbies including bourbon and coffee. Plus her running career and, of course, the Boston Marathon.

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Episode 175 – Ornery (Vincent Kamani) Episode 175

Episode 175 – Ornery (Vincent Kamani)

We talk Thanksgiving, doctors, bird scooters (shocker), NCAA championships and are joined by sophomore Vincent Kamani.

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Episode 174 – State Champs (Chris Pellegrini) Episode 174

Episode 174 – State Champs (Chris Pellegrini)

An under the weather Docs talks about surprise parties and his trip to Arizona. At (15:20) we are joined by West Springfield head coach and fellow under the weather guest Chris Pellegrini, who talks about the Spartan girls state championship and boys second place showing, his start in distance coaching, the evolution of the sport […]

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Episode 173 – Cell Phones (Stefan Leroy and Cedric King) Episode 173

Episode 173 – Cell Phones (Stefan Leroy and Cedric King)

Welcome back to Episode 173 with guests Stefan Leroy and Cedric King from the Achilles International Freedom Team (@achillesintl).   At (7:18) Docs recaps his inaugural bird scooter experience and debates Chris on the merits of modern smartphones.   Veterans Stefan and Cedric join Chris at (16:43) during MCM weekend ahead of running the 10k. […]

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Episode 172 – Gandolas (Ashley Lambdin) Episode 172

Episode 172 – Gandolas (Ashley Lambdin)

We open with a Halloween recap and an unfortunately optimistic DC United preview. We are joined by guest Ashley Lambdin, the marketing and sales director for the DC Stars Gala (@DC_DancingGala), which our own Chris Farley will be competing in for the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation. So much fun getting a sneak peek at @runpacers owner Chris […]

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Episode 171 – Behind the Curtain (Kathrine Switzer, Roger Robinson, Rick Nealis) Episode 171

Episode 171 – Behind the Curtain (Kathrine Switzer, Roger Robinson, Rick Nealis)

Coming to you live and then on tape delay from the expo floor of the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon, we have three special guests. Katherine Switzer (@KVSwitzer), the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entrant, joins us to talk about her amazing life and work with her non profit 261 Fearless. […]

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Episode 170 – Devious Plans (Keith Kelly) Episode 170

Episode 170 – Devious Plans (Keith Kelly)

We open with another bird scooter discussion before being joined on the phone by the global marketing manager for performance running at New Balance, Keith Kelly (@kelrock1977). We speak to Keith about an array of topics, the growth of New Balance, Sydney, soccer, biking and more. Then, Farley was worried about Docs, we settle the […]

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