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  • Oct
  • 17
  • 2018

Ep 169 Get to know your PTN hosts (Mira Rai)

Ep 169 Get to know your PTN hosts (Mira Rai)

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Welcome back to PTN 2.0 for Episode 169

At (0:50) Chris and Tess excuse Doc’s absence for this episode

At (3:53) we get to know our new host as Tess (@tess_stryk) tells us more about herself

At (9:16) the crew gives some background on Mira Rai (@miraraiofficial)

At (11:38) Mira joins the team to talk about her documentary

At (13:40) Mira talks about growing up in Nepal and her introduction to trail running

At (17:34) the PTN team talks about the difficulties of life in Nepal

At (23:00) we highlight Mira’s Exchange and Empower program

At (28:42) Mira discusses her many first place finishes and her 2017 Nat Geo People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year award

At (31:50) Mira tells us what’s next for her and her initiatives

At (35:49) Chris outs himself as a watch-obsessed runner at Army 10 Miler

At (40:13) Tess tries to convert Chris to the minimal watch use lifestyle

At (43:50) the crew breaks down the Twin Cities and Chicago marathons

At (48:59) we chat about Justin Gallegos’ new Nike sponsorship

At (51:22) Chris gives a shout out to the D.C. Dog Runner

At (52:27) we sign off on this episode of PTN



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