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  • Sep
  • 12
  • 2016

Ep 71 – Army Crawl (Robert Johnson aka ROJO)

Ep 71 – Army Crawl (Robert Johnson aka ROJO)

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We open with old people cocktail party topics of conversation – the weather, the new baby, vacation and dogs. Yikes. At about the twenty minute mark, we are joined in studio by LetsRun.com co-founder Robert Johnson. ROJO discusses baseball, his running background, being an identical twin, the letsrun.com orgin and where the site is today, USA distance running, being a tenacious watchdog when it comes to doping in track and field, history majors, the message boards, celebrity running website, and whats next. And even though it is a long show, we are lucky that Farley has another authentic social media rant and Joanna has another car story for us.

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