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  • Jul
  • 3
  • 2017

Episode 113 – New Missions for Science (Robbie Andrews)

Episode 113 – New Missions for Science (Robbie Andrews)

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In the intro we uncover a new mission for evil scientists, Joanna gets mugged by a mannequin, and Farley tries to manufacture drama. At (10:10) 2017 USATF 1500 champion Robbie Andrews (@RA_Andrews) calls in from Portland to talk about his upcoming race schedule and chasing the World qualifying time. At (16:03) Robbie describes his 2017 1500m championship race and running in the Sactown heat. At (22:40) we talk about the slow start to the season and training for championships. We go back in time at (26:27) to talk about his 800m indoor NCAA national championship, running in high school, the moment when Robbie realized he might be a professional runner, Paul Ereng, Penn Relays and an outdoor NCAA title. At (37:20) Robbie touches on the Olympic Level Shade Washington Post article. At (40:30) we talk about the 2016 Olympic experience and getting DQd in the semifinal. At (44:18) Robbie talks about the running his sister Kristin running. At (46:36) Robbie talks about his favorite tv shows and going to the movies and getting popcorn. At (48:07) Robbie talks about the upcoming World Championships in London and training at altitude. We close out the interview at (51:36) as Farley and Robbie share Jersey Shore stories. After the interview, (54:15) we revisit the Acclimation Science discussion between Altitude and Humidity training, and (56:34) we discuss more about the 2017 USATF Championship Highlights. At (1:03:00) we talk about a Major League umpire who saved someone’s life while on a run and we close out (1:05:26) with Farley feeling validated because Charlie Ban agrees with him on boomerang and we see how the Farley social media cleanse is going.


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