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  • Jul
  • 17
  • 2017

Episode 114 – Planez (Brian Danza)

Episode 114 – Planez (Brian Danza)

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We open the show with a deep dive into automobile oil changes. At (6:11) a SPRYNT car inspires us to make our travel app, do not steal our idea unless you are willing to pay reasonable royalties, in which case steal our idea and please send checks to the studio. At (10:35) we are joined by the Race Director of DC Road Runners One Mile and 3K Championships Brian Danza. Farley is once again challenged by the space time continuum, as our guest is in studio to advertise a race that happened last weekend on July 15. At (13:03) lets talk about flying and our new travel app PLANEZ, which again, feel free to develop as long as you pay us. Much later, at (23:56) we seamlessly transition into Uber stories and self driving car stories, two more topics that have nothing to do with Running. At (27:12) we finally get to the DC Road Runners One mile & 3k Championships at Dunbar High School on July 15. It is a preview of a race that has now already happened. We talk about the history and evolution of the race while making live transportation observations. At (39:32) Brian lets us know what is up with the DC Road Runners and several of their other races. At (43:07) we record several contingencies to cover all of our bases because of the whole space time continuum thing. At (44:31) another Pace the Nation Bump field test is successful, as recent guest Robby Andrews punches his ticket to London for the World Championships by getting the IAAF standard qualifying time. At (46:11) a runner from Georgia claims to have encountered a pair of bears while on a running Maine, and at (50:55) we address the surprise podcast. At (51:51) Joanna goes on vacation, does a long run and tries hush puppies and we close out at (53:06) with Farley negotiating a deal with Joanna and Docs and our new app Studioz.

At the DC Roadrunners Track Championships

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