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  • Aug
  • 21
  • 2017

Episode 118 – Unemployed… In Greenland

Episode 118 – Unemployed… In Greenland

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We start off the show (5:53) discussing a recent Judge Judy transaction and take a deep dive into a recent court case that centered around a dog. Continuing the dog discussion, at (13:13) Farley crowbars a self proclaimed good deed dog story into the show. And if that is not enough dog talk, at (17:20) we promote National Dog Day and an upcoming virtual 5k. At (18:01) we try to find out where in the world Docs has been. (19:21) Docs recaps his Ragnar Trail Relay and (28:58) a beach vacation, where the co-hosts discuss running while at the beach and what to do if you do not have a GPS watch. At (32:36) we talk about the Track and Field World Championships, (and the must watch Women’s Steeplechase) looking at former PTN guest performances as well as recapping our favorite distance races. At (45:47) Docs touches on the Duck Tales premiere and polls the Pace the Nation Nation for their feedback and provides an employment update. At (48:07) we plug Pacers Running and upcoming events. We close out (49:02) with a preview of next weeks guest.

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