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  • Aug
  • 28
  • 2017

Episode 119 – Totality (Kate Fagan)

Episode 119 – Totality (Kate Fagan)

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Spoiler alert, Joanna is out of town so the boys naturally hold a book club in her absence. At (5:43) Kate Fagan (@katefagan3) of ESPN joins us to discuss her book What Made Maddy Run, where the conversation weaves around several topics including (7:45) what made her want to write the book and (15:53) social media and digital communication. At (21:58) we discuss Madison’s love hate relationship with running which leads into a discussion about what the NCAA is doing to provide coaches with more help to support mental health issues. At (29:50) Kate talks about her own emotional investment throughout the course of writing the book. At (35:00) Kate talks about the responsibility an author has when writing about depression and suicide. At (49:58) Docs is excited about the solar eclipse which boggles the mind of Farley.

Photo of Kate and her book “What Made Maddy Run” from her instagram account @katefagan3

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