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  • Sep
  • 25
  • 2017

Episode 123 – Tickling 100 (Sean Graham)

Episode 123 – Tickling 100 (Sean Graham)

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After Farley sets the table for the show, at (6:38) we reprise our Northern Lights discussion. At (12:11) We are joined by the new American University Director of Track and Field Sean Graham, who has seen the Northern Lights. At (14:36) Sean talks about being on one of the top high school cross country teams in the country and relates his experience to nationally ranked local team from Loudoun Valley and offers unsolicited advise for our scientists. At (19:19) we talk about his experience running for William and Mary and his post collegiate experience and the transition from professional runner to coaching at the University of Kentucky. At (29:20) we talk about the opportunity at American, transitioning back to Washington DC and the forecast for team. At (46:30) Joanna talks about her current training and then at (50:31) Docs runs without a watch and other random observations that can fit in a three minute segment. At (56:20) Farley asks his co-hosts to deep dive a Thomas Edison story and finally at (1:01:01) we reluctantly cover a story that is making its rounds in the running community, which Farley does not want you to bring up with him going forward. At (1:04:53) Pacers is hiring and (1:06:42) we recap our Hurricane Harvey and Irma fund raising efforts.

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