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  • Oct
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  • 2017

Episode 124 – The Universe Conspires (Jay Korff and Tom Mitchell)

Episode 124 – The Universe Conspires (Jay Korff and Tom Mitchell)

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After Chris introduces his cohosts and sets the table, at (5:35) Farley and Joanna recap a weekend of races, working the DCXC race (@DCXCproject) on Saturday and the Clarendon Day races that Joanna ran on Sunday and yes, the weather comes up.

We are joined by our guests at (10:58), Jay Korff (@ABC7Jay), the director and all other titles for the film Endure and Tom Mitchell (@1tattootom), the subject of the film. At (11:59) Jay talks about his running background and changing his training program for the film. At (12:48) Tom explains why he got into running, raising money for his foundation supporting children with cancer and thier families and the progression of ramping up the challenges. At (14:30) Tom talks about his daughter Shayla’s fight with cancer, how the fight impacted his life and the conversations they had that inspired him to dedicate his life to fighting childhood cancer and start his organization StillBrave.org. (16:40) Jay talks about their first meeting at a memorial service, and the journey since which has included several features and documentaries (19:00) including their latest collaboration, the film Endure. Tom talks about the race, the mental challenges and what it took to prepare.

At (22:30) Tom talks about the multiple races that he has run with his fund raiser Still Brave Childhood Cancer Foundation. At (24:23) he tells us how the fund raiser works, talks about the kids, the miles, the donations and how he is making sure that the donators are staying active as well. At (25:55) Jay reveals how he has had to adapt his training in order to film the documentary and the the non physical challenges posed by the extreme race conditions. At (28:42) Jay talks about fulfilling all of the roles putting the film together, and at (30:00) talks about how crew member Laura Owens inspired them to keep going. At (31:10) Tom expands on the amount of pressure on him to succeed and where he finds the motivation to keep pushing. He also discusses the organization providing non medical supportive care to children with cancer and their families. At (36:12) Tom talks about why he got into running and the progression that made this the vehicle for his organization. At (39:12) Jay talks about the process for releasing the film, how people can see it, what they hope comes from this and the reviews so far. We come back at (46:50) with Docs talking about his busy concert schedule, including the Concert for Charlottesville. The hosts rank the artists who performed and Docs provides a cursory review. At (57:00) Farley tries to interject The Voice into the conversation. At (58:13) we talk about our growing Facebook page and how close we are to a Facebook live event (spoiler – we are not close).

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