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  • Oct
  • 9
  • 2017

Episode 125 – A Beautiful Show (Zac Culbertson)

Episode 125 – A Beautiful Show (Zac Culbertson)

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Farley talks about his morning run (5:37) with former guest Heather Hanscom on her annual run celebrating 25 years being cancer free. At (8:26) Farley asks for a Docs 2020 update. At (14:19) we bring in Zac Culbertson of Cold Country Salmon and Heartwood Farms, where self described Arlington County mark Chris Farley asks Zac why he even considered trading in a successful Arlington business for the farm life. At (20:09) we talk about ethical eating and why runners should be interested, and at (25:06) we talk about sustainable foods. At (28:45) we talk about farmers markets and for some reason cereals, which leads to wild foods at (31:30), and we get specific with salmon, including farm raised vs wild, catching wild fish, the freshness and freezing. At (41:06) Zac unintentionally scares Farley talking about food labels and breaking down Farleys previous days meals. At (49:20) Zac talks about the long term effect stemming from eating processed foods. We close out the show at (51:50), Farley plugs Docs farmer market appearances. At (53:11) Farley claims he has a dog question but if you listen close you will detect that it is not a dog question, which is why his cohosts do not want to provide an answer. At (57:03) Farley has a football running revelation and we update our own running. At (1:02:07) Farley laments the greatest quality of the new president of UVA and Docs is excited about a new deal for PTN.

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