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  • Oct
  • 23
  • 2017

Episode 127 – An Episode of Tangents (Neal Lawson and Jennifer Myers)

Episode 127 – An Episode of Tangents (Neal Lawson and Jennifer Myers)

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After reminiscing about the glory days, and properly setting the table, Farley does a product endorsement for a product that does not sponsor the show. At (12:39) we are joined by Neal Lawson, founder and CEO of the Jennifer Bush Lawson Foundation. We talk about his running background which includes the occasional run commute, and then at (15:50) we discuss the Jennifer Bush Lawson Foundation, Jennifer’s story and how the foundation honors her memory. At (21:09) we talk about the 5k Road Race and Family Fun Day on November 18 in Arlington. At (22:37) we bring in the Executive Director Jennifer Myers and talk more about both the Road Race and the Family Fun Day, and at (32:50) we talk about some of the families that have been helped by the foundation. At (40:14) we come back to talk about a couple of upcoming 5ks in the area. At (41:46) Farley wants to talk about a 100 acre wood twitter thread that he does not understand. We change gears at (47:00) to break down a news story about a distance running police officer who ran down an alleged criminal, famous plays and advice for future Bonnie and Clydes. At (51:54) Farley struggles to reign in his co hosts and get back on topic by bringing up the Marine Corps Marathon and the weather. Joanna has another transportation update at (55:07). We have another Where Are They Now update at (59:19) with an update about former guest Gabe Grunewald.

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