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  • Nov
  • 6
  • 2017

Episode 129 – The Shredder (Christian Peter Espersen)

Episode 129 – The Shredder (Christian Peter Espersen)

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After we open the show, at (6:49) Farley has a local geography confession, which leads the PTN team to investigate the inner workings of Farleys mind. At (13:53) we are joined on the phone by Christian Peter Espersen, who has traveled from Denmark to run the New York City marathon with Freds Team. At (17:06) Christian Peter recounts learning about having brain cancer and the decision to train for the Copenhagen Marathon and how running helped motivate him during his recovery. At (24:28) we talk about the charity Freds Team, his training for the marathon and visiting New York for the first time. At (31:34) we talk about how the cancer has changed his life, his perspective and how it has brought the family closer. We come back at (37:18) with a correction about Christian Peters last name. At (38:45) we talk about Meb wrapping up his career at NYC and then at (40:57) we talk about Mo leaving the Nike Oregon Project to return home to the UK. At (45:00) Docs helps build a playground. We wrap up with another where are they now segment at (49:05) to talk about mayoral candidate Jacob Frey and more specifically his opponents twitter profile.


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