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  • Nov
  • 13
  • 2017

Episode 130 – I Voted (Marc Goldman)

Episode 130 – I Voted (Marc Goldman)

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After our mindless banter about our respective favorite things, the weather, sound checks, and a list of topics that we are going to talk about, we kick off the show at (3:58) with several topics stemming from the recent local elections, including a where are they now update on former guest Jacob Frey. At (14:11) we are joined by Marc Goldman, the Sponsorship and Marketing Manager for the Marine Corps Marathon to talk about the MCM event. Our conversation starts with a quick logistical recap from the successful race. At (22:12) we talk about the race music and the philosophy behind choosing the right start song. At (24:31) we transition into what makes the MCM such a special race and at (28:09) we talk about all the (figurative) hats that Mark wears for the Marine Corps Marathon. At (31:42) Farley praises the MCM social media (@marine_marathon) game and gives his top five MCM posts from this years race, including a post that could help us with our space time continuum problems. Docs offers a series of suggestions, including (39:33) marking the course, (41:51) scaffolding around the monument and (43:43) controlling the weather. At (45:00) we close out with a preview of other upcoming events including the Turkey Trot in Quantico. At (51:00) we come back to talk about the New York City marathon and (spoiler alert) the Shalane Flanagan win. At (58:09) Farley talks about his weekend in Seattle and has his co-hosts guess what three touristy things that he did while in town. At (1:02:57) Docs pays tribute to the late Roy Doc Halladay and tells one of his favorite Halladay stories that runners might be able to relate to. At (1:09:05) Farley asks Docs about his not running and gets an injury update, which is uncharacteristically positive, so we go to Joanna for balance. And Docs might swing too hard for an analogy. We close out at (1:12:39) with a social media update, countdown to Facebook Live and we read a few five star ratings on Facebook.

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