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  • Jan
  • 9
  • 2018

Episode 137 – Largest Ball of Twine (Tom Griffen)

Episode 137 – Largest Ball of Twine (Tom Griffen)

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After a very strange and long NFL tangent, at (7:57) we reach for our crutch and talk about the freezing weather and what you should wear on your runs when it is this cold out. At (12:38) Docs is on the road again. At (17:27) we call our guest Tom Griffen (@tomswalkacross) who has just started an amazing journey walking across the United States. We get right to it at (18:39) and ask Tom why he is doing this. At (21:02) we begin our long string of logistical questions, how did he pick his route, how is he breaking up his journey and daily mileage. At (25:18) Tom talks about his history as an ultra runner and how the parallels that helped prepare him for this adventure. At (29:01) Tom talks about the advantages of walking solo and describes his bag packing strategy and how that relates to his plan to have a flexible route and the daily question where will he stay each night. At (37:59) Tom talks about the importance of good story telling and how it helps people connect. We close out the interview with more logistical questions. At (52:33) we are back to recap the interview and Farley makes us listen to something that we dont want to listen to. We have some good news at (56:09) as we check in with our where are they now segment. We have listener feedback at (58:18). At (59:45) Farley pretends like he is upset about something but if you listen close enough you will realize that he is actually bragging about being on another podcast. At (1:03:23) Joanna has early Christmas gifts for Farley and Docs, where we explore two different styles for opening gifts.

Donate to support Tom’ s walk across America here

photo from Tom’s twitter feed (@tomswalkacross)

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