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  • Jan
  • 16
  • 2018

Episode 138 – Little One (Alex Liggitt)

Episode 138 – Little One (Alex Liggitt)

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We start off with another Farley rant about his latest vet visit and then London and Farley run into Docs on a run and our hosts talk about their running goals this winter. At (17:00) we are joined by the Running Weatherman Alex Liggitt (@ABC7Alex) from ABC 7 to talk about the weather, running and the weather. We come back at (59:27) to wrap up the interview and then at (1:00:55) Farley sets his dial to somber to talk about a running bar closing in NYC. At (1:03:45) we have a where are they now update from Ellie McGinn and we get a review from Nebraska. We finish up at (1:07:39) with a Docs tangent that we are not sure why he told this story.

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