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  • Feb
  • 12
  • 2018

Episode 141 – Danny Tanner (Oscar Santana)

Episode 141 – Danny Tanner (Oscar Santana)

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At (:45) we talk about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and us possibly losing Docs because he is at the parade celebrating their win. At (5:31) Farley explains that his day was ruined in the morning when he got a ticket for an illegal right on red. Joanna wonders why Farley just doesn’t walk to the store instead of drive. At (10:20) Oscar Santana (@oscarradio) of Big O and Dukes and the Mike O’Meara Show joins us in studio to talk about Running and Podcasting – not in the order. At (13:35) Oscar talks about the ups and downs of Radio and how running was so important to him during stressful times. At (15:58) Oscar talks about why podcasting can be a great brand extension for businesses like Pacers Running. At (20:20) Oscar tells Farley and Joanna why he got into podcasting full time. At (25:20) Oscar talks about Podcast Village (@podcastvillage) a shared space for podcasters located in Georgetown. Additionally, Oscar talks about how he and his team got this new concept up and running. At (33:15) Oscar talks about why podcasting audiences are so passionate and loyal to the shows they listen to. At (37:40) Farley convinces Oscar to name drop some of the stars he has interviewed or hung out with through the years. At (41:55) Oscar tells the crew about previous places hes worked and previous places hes moved on from. At (46:05) Joanna brings it back to running and she and Farley try to convince Oscar to run another race in the future. At (50:00) Joanna talks about her new-found love affair with a particular piece of apparel. At (54:10) we transition to Valentines Day talk and the Pacers Running Dating Game (watch it here, pictures here) that Joanna attended. At (59:45) Farley talks about his familys matching shirts and Joanna seems more excited about her moms birthday on the 14th than V-Day. At (1:02:00) we congratulate Docs on the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and we are both underwhelmed with the Shalane Flanagan commercial and happy with the JT halftime show.

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