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  • Feb
  • 26
  • 2018

Episode 143 – A Grab Bag Show

Episode 143 – A Grab Bag Show

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We start the show on a serious note, at (4:25) we talk about the recent gun violence at Stoneman Douglas High School. We shift gears at (13:15) Joanna talks about her quick trip down to Florida to visit her grandmother, and the weather comes up and leads us at (16:38) where we talk about the local weather and Farley makes a bold prediction and hates on the snow. Joanna is getting her foot fixed at (17:56) so we talk about how that will impact her Boston marathon weekend 5k streak. At (19:05) we have a weather related where are they now which leads to an impromptu proposal to our education community. And at (23:02) Joanna gets a new phone. At (28:00) we have an interesting choice for an in the news running story that was probably not picked up by other news outlets, Docs runs with Farley a couple of times. At (29:58) we have a more realistic in the news running story that was picked up by other news outlets, a DC taxi driver drives on the Custis Trail. At (33:24) we talk about a few events at the USATF indoor nationals, the womens 3k and the mens mile. At (44:20) Farley reveals his strategy for asking questions while asking a question about last weeks PTN episode title. At (53:44) we recap our biggest happy hour ever and finally, at (56:00) Farley has a big announcement.

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