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  • Apr
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  • 2018

Episode 148 – Tom Sawyer (Ben Blakenship)

Episode 148 – Tom Sawyer (Ben Blakenship)

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After a really long chit-chat intro, we start things off at (7:54) Joanna starts us off with her promised transportation tale. At (20:21) we are joined by Olympian Ben Blankenship (@benfblankenship). At (23:28) Ben talks about his time in Washington DC, what brought him to the DC area, getting back into the running scene and his early years as a professional runner. At (33:52) Ben gives us some unique insight into professional running. At (39:45) we discuss the 2016 Olympic trials and at (43:40) we talk about the 2016 Olympics. At (52:15) we talk about the 2017 mile race in Alaska. at (58:02) we talk about Bens age. At (59:40) we talk about the indoor world championships. At (1:01:15) we talk about whats coming up next for Ben. At (1:04:27) we sneak dogs into the interview before Farley wants to talk about manly things. We are back at (1:08:45) to take guesses at Bens age before at (1:11:15) we talk about Potomac Junior, McKenzi Watkins who competed in the Brian Watkins Invitational, a race that honors her late father. At (1:14:29) we get an update on the St. Baldricks foundation fund-raiser. At (1:18:00) we announce our next PTN Happy Hour, April 20 after the Crystal City 5k. At (1:19:23) we wrap things up with a quick discussion about the Barkley Marathons.

Finishing the 2013 Crystal City Twilighter 5k

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