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  • May
  • 7
  • 2018

Episode 153 – Six Foot Trophy (Golden Harper)

Episode 153 – Six Foot Trophy (Golden Harper)

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We open up at (5:52) discussing an article from Runners World about the Boston Marathon, fulfilling our promise to keep talking about the Boston marathon.

At (7:54) we talk about podcast reviews and some not very constructive feedback from a message board.

At (12:04) we recap the New Jersey Marathon including Jamie Watts (guest on episode 60) finish and the Chris Farley sub three attempt.

At (17:22) we are joined by Altra founder Golden Harper (@RunGolden1), who tells us about his running background and how it lead to the origin story for the Altra Running company.

We are back at (1:18:52) to recap the interview, talk about kitchen appliances and puns.

We close out at (1:53:09) with a Docs Field Trip Recap that includes a Farley history quiz.

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