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  • May
  • 14
  • 2018

Episode 154 – The Best Running Story of the Year (Jamie Watts and Pat Dalby)

Episode 154 – The Best Running Story of the Year (Jamie Watts and Pat Dalby)

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0:55 We intro the hosts and talk about Docs not being in studio today.
2:30 Farley sets the table
5:00 We acknowledge the @PaceTheNation twitter followers and appreciate their contributions to the show. Farley reads out some of the most recent tweets.
7:45 Joanna cracks the code why we don’t do twitter episodes anymore
9:10 Jamie Watts (previously a guest in Episode 60)  and Pat Dalby join Pace The Nation
11:00 Jamie talks about why she decided to run a marathon
14:22 Jamie talks about some of her training runs before the New Jersey Marathon including one going up to NJ to do parts of the course
15:10 Pat talks about her role and the learning process they went through as a member of her crew
20:15 Jamie describes the start of the race
21:00 Jamie and Pat talk about her crew
25:00 Jamie talks about running in the rain
27:45 Jamie talks about falling and some of the challenges along the way
32:30 Jamie talks about seeing other runners
33:45 Jamie talks about hitting the wall tells an emotional story about Joanie Thomas inspiring her
37:20 Jamie tells us when she really felt like she could finish the race
38:45 Pat describes her perspective of Jamie’s finish
42:35 Jamie describes when she crosses the finish line and talks about the people she surrounds herself with

45:00 Farley reads from jamierunstheworld.com and Jamie tackles the question whether she is an inspiration or not
46:00 What does 14:33:07 mean to Jamie now.
48:00 Jamie might not know what is coming next but nothing scares her now
49:35 Farley and Joanna thank the guests and talk about how you really need to be in the room with Jamie to appreciate her positive energy
51:55 Farley and Joanna talk about the Boston Marathon giving out extra prize money to women who were not in the elite start
54:35 Joanna talks about Galen Rupps win at the Prague Marathon
56:00 Joanna says, if you don’t have enemies you don’t matter
56:45 Is Pacers Running Joanna’s nemesis
58:50 Gabe Grunewald helped Chip Gaines complete a marathon
59:50 Joanna tells a Chip Gaines joke
1:01:30 The hosts close the shows

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