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  • Jun
  • 18
  • 2018

Episode 159 – Sounds of Silence (Sean McGorty)

Episode 159 – Sounds of Silence (Sean McGorty)

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We start out with some World Cup talk and follow that up at (5:35) with some World Cup talk.

At (12:51) we are joined by 2018 NCAA 5k champion Sean McGorty (@spmcgorty12).

At (13:46) Joanna makes us talk about NOVA high school running and Sean talks about running for Chantilly High School and at (16:10) Sean talks about being in a running family.

At (22:30) Sean talks about soccer.

At (25:12) we take it back to the running and talk to Sean about his injury history over the last few years.

At (36:41) we talk about the 2018 outdoor season leading up to and including the NCAA 5k.

At (46:00) we are unsuccessful in our attempt to get breaking news, however Sean does tell us a little bit about whats next.

We are back (51:35) to recap the interview.

At (53:45) Docs talks about the confusion over his weekend long run and at (56:53) Docs talks about his one year reunion and at (1:01:10) Docs wonders why his GPS watch does not always sync quickly.

At (1:03:30) Farley pretends like he is going to talk about dogs but tricks us and talks about the Caps Stanley Cup win.

At (1:14:25) we close out with more NCAA championship talk, as we discuss the womens 4×400

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