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  • Jul
  • 9
  • 2018

Episode 161 – Caroline Elizabeth (Dixon Hemphill)

Episode 161 – Caroline Elizabeth (Dixon Hemphill)

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After our alternate universe intro, we set docs loose at (5:36) and find out whats grinding docs gears part one of today, as docs vents about his car troubles.

At (17:19) we are joined by guest, 93 year old runner Dixon Hemphill.

At (18:46) Dixon tells us about getting his start in running at the age of 50.

At (21:48) Dixon talks about getting hit by a car while training for a triathlon at the age of 74 and how it did not deter him from continuing to run.

At (24:54) we ask Dixon about some of his PRs. At (26:10) Dixon talks about his transition from owning a couple of running stores to race management, specifically the Goblin Gallop.

At (29:15) we talk about the transition from local road races to running on the national scene in the 90 year age groups.

At (32:55) Dixon talks about a typical week in his training program.

At (36:00) we ask about injuries and limitations that might come with running into his 90s.

At (39:09) we talk about whats coming up next with his racing.

At (44:00) Dixon talks about his time studying in Sweden and at (46:40) we talk about his time serving in the US Navy.

We are back at (52:58) to wrap up the interview.

At (54:44) we add a topic to the agenda and talk about an upcoming box office flop with local running ties.

At (59:06) Joanna has a new favorite runner as she gushes over the latest Shelby Houlihan (@shelbo800) performance.

At (1:00:27) we talk about some possibly ridiculous Guinness Book of World Records running records.

We close out at (1:05:22) with another whats grinding Docs Gears with a track etiquette segment.

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