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  • Jul
  • 16
  • 2018

Episode 162 – Bee Keeping (Brian Danza & Tom Brumlik)

Episode 162 – Bee Keeping (Brian Danza & Tom Brumlik)

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We kick off the show and introduce our guest co-host Tess Stryk (@tess_stryk).

At 2:00 we talk about Joanna losing her keys at National Harbor.

At 3:45 Farley sets the table for the show.

At 5:30 we Tess tells us her journey to working at Pacers Running.

At 7:45 Tess talks about her recent trip to Germany.

At 13:00 we welcome in Brian Danza of the DC Roadrunners.

At 14:53 Brian talks about his Bee Hives and how he got into bee keeping.

At 15:50 Brian tells us how and where he caught the swarm of bees.

At 19:00 we dive more into bee hives and Brian schools us on bees.

At 23:10 Brian talks about the history for the DC Roadrunners Track Championships.

At 25:20 Brian tell Farley and Tess about the event and how you can still sign up.

At 26:46 we are joined on the phone by the Head Coach of the District Track Club Tom Brumlik.

At 27:27 Tom gives us some background on his involvement on the event and how he and Brian got connected.

At 29:36 Brian and Tom talk about adding the elite 800s to the event.

At 31:00 Tom talks about races here in the US versus going to Europe.

At 32:10 Tom tells the group who is going to be in the elite races.

At 35:00 Brian lets us know what the audience can expect if you show up as a spectator.

At 36:30 Farley tries to convince Brian and Tom to race each other at the end of the night.

At 37:20 Tom talks about the District Track Club.

At 38:30 Tom talks about the DMV Meet of Champions that the District Track Club put on.

At 41:38 we dive into Brians Running and the Milan Marathon.

At 43:45 we talk to Brian about the DC Roadrunners Club and a number of the races they put on.

We let our guests go and at 49:00 Tess recalls her High School days and the bee hive at HB Woodlawn HS.

At 50:00 Farley and Tess talk about former guest and former Pacers Running employee Chris Kwiatkowski lands a job in Seattle at the University of Washington.

At 52:50 Farley talks about his car troubles.

At 55:00 Farley talks about his trip to the Arlington Courthouse.

At 58:35 Tess talks about her Beer Mile team for the Pacers Beer Mile on August 11th.

At 59:40 Tess tells why she started listening to the show. We close out the show thanking Tess and putting pressure on her to get us more social media followers.

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