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  • Sep
  • 27
  • 2018

Episode 167 – Bird Scooters – (Kyle Northrop 2)

Episode 167 – Bird Scooters – (Kyle Northrop 2)

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We are back in the swing of things and the fall racing season is heating up while the weather is cooling down.

At (0:56) Chris confirms Tess as the new official cohost.

At (4:37) Chris talks about his wet laundry dilemma and battling the post run in the rain funk.

At (7:40) Chris shares insider secrets from his trip to Brooks HQ about what Desi Linden wore for her Boston marathon victory.

At (10:30) The crew chats about the shoes Desi wore for the race, which she had barely even seen before the race and didn’t get to keep.

At (14:26) We introduce Kyle Northrop (for the second time on this show) who is the star of a new film.

At (15:05) Kyle shares his race report for the Clarendon Day race and shifting gears from competing in 100 mile races to a 5k. Spoiler, Kyle beats Chris in home stretch.

At (16:47) Kyle tells the crew about Bird scooters in his dentists office.

At (18:15) Chris shares his hack for warm weather running, especially uphill.

At (21:00) Kyle introduces his new film on running and depression.

At (24:05) Kyle shares the details of a night two years ago when he nearly intentionally crashed his car into a highway sign and what struggle means to him.

At (26:20) Tess spoils the movie and Kyle gets real about training for Western States while only running 15 miles per week.

At (30:03) The crew discusses the stigma around depression and changing the narrative around mental health.

At (36:35) Kyle enlightens us about what its like to have an invisible illness and how crop tops just may be the cure for any problem.

At (37:35) We get a look behind the scenes into what its like to shoot and direct a documentary.

At (41:50) Kyle shares what you really should be doing the weekend of the Boston marathon and how he almost lost his leg during his an ultra in Utah.

At (44:19) The Pace the Nation Crew pays tribute to Wendy Katrina Martinez following her passing.

At (46:51) We examine Eliud Kipchoge’s new world record in the marathon set in Berlin last weekend.

At (50:47) Tess highlights new sustainability measures Adidas implemented in Berlin to reduce paper and plastic waste on the racecourse.

At (52:49) Chris stands in for Docs in our what grinds my gears segment, this time featuring high schoolers trying to go viral during cross country races.

At (56:37) We close out this episode with the promise that we will hopefully return next week to a normal schedule.

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