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  • Nov
  • 21
  • 2018

Episode 174 – State Champs (Chris Pellegrini)

Episode 174 – State Champs (Chris Pellegrini)

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An under the weather Docs talks about surprise parties and his trip to Arizona.

At (15:20) we are joined by West Springfield head coach and fellow under the weather guest Chris Pellegrini, who talks about the Spartan girls state championship and boys second place showing, his start in distance coaching, the evolution of the sport during his tenure and the storied program at WSHS.

We are back at (57:50) to wrap up the interview.

At (1:00:30)we discuss the Emily Scheck story, a college runner who was disowned by her family and then initially penalized by the NCAA.

At (1:04:52) we talk about Amazon coming to town and changing names.

At (1:09:48) we start our twitter feedback with our new favorite topic scooters.

At (1:18:30) we finally talk about Farleys Dancing with the Stars recap.

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