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  • Dec
  • 21
  • 2018

Episode 178 – Lotta Juice (Matt Centrowitz #4)

Episode 178 – Lotta Juice (Matt Centrowitz #4)

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We start off on the wrong foot at (1:23) as Docs grinds his gears over a neighborly issue.

At (8:02) Farley leads us to believe his family flew to Hawaii and then immediately back.

At (20:33) we are joined by the director of Manhattan College and four time guest, Matt Centrowitz.

At (21:49) we talk tattoos.

At (24:36) Matt talks about the move back home to Manhattan college.

At (29:47) Matt gives us some updates on his son Matthew Centrowitz, and his daughters Marissa and Lauren.

At(32:42) we talk District Track Club and bring in co-director Tom Brumlik and at (40:06) we talk to District Track Club athlete David Timlin.

At (42:22) Farley asks about coachs future interests.

We come back at (45:43) with a confusing recap of the interview.

At (48:26) Farley complains about the show that he was not on but claims that they were notes.

At (52:57)Farley crowd sources for his personal Christmas List.

At (55:26) we talk about holiday runs.

At (57:53) we talk about a Washington Post article about the fiancee of Wendy Martinez.

We close out at (59:36) with Gene Dykes breaking the 70 age group record marathon record.

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