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  • Jan
  • 25
  • 2019

Episode 180 – Rock Creek Creek (Dave Dildine)

Episode 180 – Rock Creek Creek (Dave Dildine)

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We open the show with some talk about professional football and make our big game picks, and then at (7:15) we begin to preview our guests story.

At (13:02) we are joined by our guest WTOP reporter and American Hero Dave Dildine (@DildineWTOP )‏.

At (14:50) we ask Dave to take us back to Jan 13, when he found himself out at Rock Creek Park taking photos of Boulder Bridge during a heavy snowstorm. Dave shares the amazing story of rescuing a drowning runner from Rock Creek.

At (28:54) Dave talks about how he figured out who the woman was, the reunion and fills in the gaps of her side of the story.

At (33:24) we have a PTN exclusive (take that centro), Dave reveals that this is not his first water rescue. We close out at (36:56) Dave gives us an update on Sarah.

At (38:44) we ask about lessons learned that might be applicable to all runners.

We are back at (42:29) with an interview wrap up.

At (47:28) Chris and Tess talk about the Garmin hit man, a topic Docs conveniently recuses himself from.

At (50:41) Farley warns our listeners about the great deer epidemic of 2019 and at (57:13) we recap the Houston Marathon including one notable performance.

At (1:05:47) Farley lets us know about another challenge that we missed out on, something sixty-six percent of our hosts could not possibly participate in.

At (1:10:17) Farley breaks some news on an upcoming event out at Hains Point Feb 7-9. At (1:12:35) Docs tells everyone about his weekend leaving the house for a change.

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