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Episode 181 – Penguin Friends (Brooke Curran)

Episode 181 – Penguin Friends (Brooke Curran)

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After an unusually long intro and table setting, we start the show off at (9:01) with a running centric view of the government shutdown and our weekly Chris Farley civics lesson.

At (16:50) we are joined by our guest Brooke Curran (@RunningBrooke).

At (17:35) we ask how she got her start with running which uncovers some details that we never expected.

At (21:40) Brooke talks about going all in with running and starting her foundation Running Brooke and at (24:20) Brooke tells us about her hook.

At (26:20) Brooke tells us her remarkable story about suffering a brain aneurysm during a training run and the road to recovery.

At (34:41) Brooke explains what a brain aneurysm is and talks about the mental and physical recoveries.

At (39:03) we talk about what is coming up next.

At (40:47) we hear about the Running Brooke Foundation, a non profit that promotes activity with kids to spark academic learning.

We are back at (47:08) to wrap up the interview and at (50:15) we spiral down the marlboro bucks rabbit hole.

At (52:06) we move onto professional football topics including prop bets, a wide receiver breaking political news and active players running long distance races.

At (59:07) we talk about the professional debut of sprinting phenom Sydney Mclaughlin.

We close out at (1:03:39) with another bird scooter story and (1:08:18) Farley is reading a book and we revisit his deer deer friends.

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