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  • Feb
  • 27
  • 2019

Episode 184 – (Kate Murphy)

Episode 184 – (Kate Murphy)

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1:00 We intro our fill in co-host and touch on bird scooters

3:00 Farley sets up the show and Charlie tells a story about our guest from the DCXC meet

5:45 How was running in the snow this week

10:00 Kate Murphy (@trackmurph) joins Pace The Nation (also a guest on Episode 73)


10:52 How Kate has been adjusting to living in Oregon

12:30 We talk about Kates HS Running

13:45 Kate tells us about running the 2016 Olympic Trials and making the world junior team that went to Poland

16:55 Was there pressure on Kate her senior year in HS after so much success

18:50 Why did she decide to run at Oregon?

20:20 Kate talks about her surgery and her injury issues in her HS senior year and into her college freshman year

24:10 Was it tough to move across the country to Oregon and what was the pressure like there

26:10 Kate talks about the adjustment with her life and running in Eugene

27:30 Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome

29:00 Kate talks about retiring from running

33:10 Kate is running again

35:25 How is running now for Kate

36:00 How has she been spending time in college

38:45 Goal for Road race in July – Crystal City Twilighter

39:30 What is next for Kate

41:35 How much does she get back to Virginia

42:35 What is in the water at Lake Braddock

44:10 Kate is less stressed in Burke

45:10 Kate talks about being back in DC for the summer and exits the show

47:00 Recapping the conversation with Kate

48:13 Tess posting on Instagram for Pace The Nation

51:25 A track club in Philly catch a thief (a Pacers P Street morning run club did too back in 2014)

53:12 Charlie talks about what is coming up in RunWashington

57:40 We close the show with an Instagram post from Gabe Grunewald (guest on Episode 116)


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Let the sunset not be my time running out but only the hour of the day. Sarah Kay . I have a shirt with this quote on it. Corny right? It’s gray with black cursive script; you’d have to look really hard to make out what it says. But I knew, and I liked the sentiment. I wore it under a sweater in late 2017 to an appointment where I got the results back from one of my scans. My tumors grew. I haven’t worn it since. . That’s the thing about most of my scans over the last three years — they’ve almost all been bad. No exception for the one I had about two weeks ago. Tumors are growing. One in my liver kinda decided to go rogue over the last 3 months. . This time, unlike most others, I knew this scan wouldn’t be good. For maybe the first time ever, my cancer was making itself known with symptoms beyond the ones caused by surgeries, treatments, etc. It started with intense itching, scratching myself until I bled on some nights. Justin wondering aloud, “I think your eyes are more yellow than usual. I’m not sure though.” Yellow-toned skin followed the yellow eyes, and at that point we were hoping I wasn’t in acute liver failure and *just* had a biliary duct obstruction caused by a tumor. . Fortunately, that was the case. I had an ERCP procedure last week at Mayo and it seems like the stents they put in are helping my bile ducts quite a bit. Small victory! I was completely knocked down by general anesthesia for a few days but I really am feeling (& looking!) better every day. . I’ve been in San Diego since Friday. What was planned as a training trip in December has morphed into more of an I-desperately-need-sunshine pick-me-up! Turns out trying to escape your problems with a vacay is harder when your body is the problem. 2.5 weeks ago I was actually getting fit. Back to square one today with a slow 3-miler accompanied by some vague abdominal pain I hope continues to fade. . Soon I’ll be starting a new drug with some pretty harsh potential side effects, but my cancer is at the point where I don’t have many (any!?) other options. . So here we go! I can’t do everything, but I can do some things. Like enjoy this beautiful sunset. ❤️

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