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  • Mar
  • 18
  • 2019

Episode 186 – Edgewater (Frieda Edgette)

Episode 186 – Edgewater (Frieda Edgette)

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We start the show with yet another conspiracy theory before we transition at (6:10) into tax noises and other tax topics.

At (12:46) we are joined by the Courage to Run Race Director Frieda Edgette (@friedakedgette), who starts us off schooling us on pronunciation and ancestry.

At (15:40) we talk about her Courage to Run race which promotes civic activity and wellness.

At (21:38) she shares her story about her struggle with an eating disorder and some of the journey overcoming the disorder.

At (24:54) we talk about a big life change, where she transitioned in London and how the magic of Hyde Park helped her make that change.

At (30:27) we dive back into race planning and at (34:40) we learn about her virtual races.

At (35:34) we talk about the importance of self care and at (38:06) we talk more about some methods that Frieda has employed to help her deal with her eating disorder.

At (42:45) we make the very natural transition into dragons and Game of Thrones.

We are back at (46:20) to recap the interview before (49:33) Farley gives us his social media lesson of the week – pay attention he only makes his point 40 times.

At (56:12) we have a running story from the NFL combine – pay attention there is some confusing math.

At (58:40) we stay with the football stories and provide the much anticipated update on the Bri Manziel story.

At (1:01:17) we get an update on the Marathon Investigator website.

At (1:05:10) we introduce the hashtag PTN bling and close out at (1:07:25) with an update on the trail runner who killed a mountain lion on his run.

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