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  • Apr
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  • 2019

Episode 188 – Code Words (Katie Kellner)

Episode 188 – Code Words (Katie Kellner)

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We start off the show talking taxes, money and sports, recommended listening near the office water cooler.

At (9:20) we find out why Farley is suffering from sleep deprivation.

At (15:21) we are saved by our guest Katie Kellner (@ktkellner on twitter and Instagram), a coach from Forward Focus Running. She starts off telling us her background, both running and geographical, which at (16:23) leads us down a Cornell wormhole.

We are back on track at (18:09) with a discussion about professionally running in Michigan and learn about Katies start into coaching.

Running in the 2016 Olympic Trials

At (20:22) we talk about her experience at the 2016 Olympic Trials in LA and preview the 2020 Olympic Trials in Atlanta.

At (22:40) Katie tells us about her transition to Boston and (23:50) we discuss her coaching at Forward Focus Running, where we ask Katie how runners benefit from coaching.

At (29:37) we learn about the Final Surge App and how it helps with the training program. We are not done learning, as we are next schooled on shopping the perimeter at the grocery stores.

At (33:57) we talk training philosophy before (36:00) the Rapid Fire Questions and the (42:00) Quick Hitting Questions (please tell me the difference). And we are back at (47:45) to recap the interview.

At (50:45) we discuss a story about local runner Hanna Porten who used running to help lose 50 pounds.

At (54:32) Tess talks about her run commute slash near death experience and we once again crowd source our listeners.

We close out the show at (62:20) with our exclusive MLB opening day preview. You know, more sports.

Running the 2015 NYC Half

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