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  • Apr
  • 22
  • 2019

Episode 191 – DJ Thunderbunny (Lisa Reeves)

Episode 191 – DJ Thunderbunny (Lisa Reeves)

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We open the show with an advertisement for Pace The Nation.

At (2:30) Farley sets the stage for the show.

Naturally we next talk about about Tess going to the dentist at (4:20).

There is no smooth transition but we begin to talk about the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and the course that was short at (8:30).

We welcome Pacers Running Race Director (and previous podcast guest) Lisa Reeves at (12:30).

At (14:30) we talk about Lisa’s dog and his instagram page.

We get Lisa’s opinion on the Cherry Blossom race course incident at (16:00).

At (21:20) talk about the upcoming 5k Friday race that ultimately was postponed because of the weather.

Lisa hopes for good weather at (23:30) for the April 28th 35th anniversary of the GW Parkway Classic 10 miler and 5k.

We ask Tess if she knows what a cassette tape is at (25:30).

Lisa talks about the impact to the Alexandria Boys and Girls club at (26:30).

Lisa describes what her day race day looks like at (27:30).

At (29:40) we talk about the finish line festival.

At (31:30) we talk about what security looks like at the GW Parkway and other Pacers Running races.

At (35:00) we talk about DJ Thunderbunny and DJing.

Lisa lets us know about the future Pacers Running races at (39:20).

At (41:15) we come back and let the audience know that Farleys dog has an instagram page.

We then let people know all the ways you can follow Lisa on social media.

We pick up the conversation about the Boston Marathon at (42:52).

At (45:22) Tess talks about Jordan Marie Daniel running the Boston Marathon and her cause that she is running for.

We talk about a car crashing into a person running on a treadmill at a gym in California at (47:01).

We talk a little Easter at (47:58) to close the show out.

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