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  • May
  • 15
  • 2019

Episode 193 – Food for Thought (Chris Morgan)

Episode 193 – Food for Thought (Chris Morgan)

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We open up with one host witnessing a near death experience by another host before at (7:04) Farley talks about his shoulder injury.

At (14:02) we are joined by our guest Chris Morgan (@cmorgasbord on instagram), an avid runner and executive chef from DC restraunts Maydan and Compass Rose. We open up asking about his culinary background and his journey to executive chef.

At (22:25) we learn about the food influences for both restraunts, and some of the trips that Chris has taken for those benefits.

At (25:01) learn about his start into running, running abroad and the mental benefits of getting a run in everyday.

At (29:58) we ask about the Hollywood stereotypes of a busy, tense kitchen and the pitfalls of bad reviews.

At (34:16) we talk to Chris about his experience at the Parkway Classic, which was his first ever road race.

At (38:30) we talk about his training and his plans to run that second race and the motivational benefits of having a goal on the calendar.

At (41:50) the Chrises compare their experience at the Chance for Life charity function and at (43:20) Farley asks our guest to make a list…Farley loves lists.

At (45:10) he tells us about being in a car commercial.

We are back at (49:40) to wrap up the interview.

At (51:51) Docs gets out of his house and renews an important license and we try to sell Farley on a television program.

At (57:26) we get back on the UVA stories and discuss President Jim Ryans experience at the Boston Marathon.

At (58:58) we get into a 50 mile world record.

At (1:01:12) we touch on some tweets, thank you for the feedback and the Simpsons memes.

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