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  • May
  • 20
  • 2019

Episode 194 – The Adjunct (Jared Ward)

Episode 194 – The Adjunct (Jared Ward)

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After we debate the validity of a trail sighting, we interrupt the agenda to make more questionable lists, and then at (10:34) Farley tells a very questionable story against his better judgement.

At (14:18) we are joined by our guest, Olympian Jared Ward (@jwardy21).

We start off talking about Utah, the Saucony event in Moab and getting back to training after Boston.

At (17:48) we ask Jared about his adjunct professorship at BYU.

We talk about Jared’s unbelievable performance at the Boston marathon at (20:11).

At (24:10) we talk about the Olympic standards and why getting that time is a big deal.

At (29:42) we try to get Jared to break some news but he does not bite.

At (31:01) we ask Jared how his perspective at the trials will be different this time around, and at (32:52) Jared talks about his 2016 sixth place finish at the Olympic marathon.

At (43:08) we ask Jared about his family of six, and his rock star wife Erica, and at (46:47) we talk about the support from the Saucony family.

At (49:41) we talk wiki, college eligibility and running in costumes.

We are back at (54:50) to recap the interview.

We talk Olympic Trials at (57:45) and Arlington County at (1:02:09).

At (1:06:54) we talk about the best of from the Washington City Paper.

At (1:08:15) we talk about some of the episode 200 suggestions.

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