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  • May
  • 27
  • 2019

Episode 195 – The News Cycle (Lindsay Crouse)

Episode 195 – The News Cycle (Lindsay Crouse)

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Its an early release this week, which has something or other to do with the news cycle.

After a quick intro, at (5:37) we are joined by New York Times Senior Editor Lindsay Crouse (@lindsaycrouse), whose article Nike Told Me to Dream Crazy, Until I Wanted a Baby has been the talk of the running community over the last week.

We start off at (6:29) with background on how Lindsays relationship with Alysia Montano, the former Nike athlete at the center of the article, and the events that lead up to this article.

At (9:50) we discuss the accompanying video and the motivations behind the campaign. At (11:11) we talk about the focus on Nike and how the issues are industry wide.

At (12:54) we talk about industry changes and announcements made by several companies and athletes expectations. We give some background at (17:24) on some general sponsorship contract concepts and the difference between contractors and full-time employees.

At (23:33) we touch on health insurance before at (25:04) we touch on some other athletes reactions including Alysia being called a pot-stirrer.

At (31:34) we talk about the timing of the article and the release on Mothers Day.

At (36:36) we ask if there are other gaps and issues that we should be looking into and at (38:00) we ask about feedback from other athletes.

At (40:54) we talk about performance standards within the contracts and why there needs to be a conversation about pregnancy clauses in their contracts.

At (44:30) we talk about the follow up article, Nike and pregnancy, your questions answered and whats next with this story.

We are back at (48:31) to wrap up the interview and add some additional thoughts on the topic.

At (1:03:20) we have a spoiler free conversation about a few season slash series finales and then one spoiler from the sopranos.

We close out at (1:12:48) with a few things grinding Docs gears.

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