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  • Jun
  • 11
  • 2019

Episode 196 – To Crowbar (Bob Wallace)

Episode 196 – To Crowbar (Bob Wallace)

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After setting up the show with a quick story about a story that did not get told but will be told, we are joined at (5:58) by our guest Bob Wallace.

Bob starts off talking about his journey from Australia to the United States on a track scholarship, and at (8:32) Bob tells us about his experience running in his first Boston Marathon in 1982.

At (21:34) Bob talks about buying Run On in Dallas and at (25:50) expanding the business to six stores and reflecting on a few key moments that had major impacts.

At (29:26) we talk about his events company and the three pronged approach to the running store.

At (31:06) Farley talks about the first time that he met Bob at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the impact that meeting with Bob had on the inspiration and influence for Pacers.

At (35:50) Bob sells his stores, retires to Colorado Springs and then learns that he has a stage 4 brain tumor. Bob talks about his treatments, life changes and the inspiring positivity.

We are back at (57:31) to wrap up the interview and at (59:27) we touch on the PTN Happy Hour.

At (1:02:03) Farley talks about an eventful attendance of PTN guest Brian Knights (@outdoortype75) wedding despite a late arrival.


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Did a thing today and married @christywahle ❤️ #RedBarnsAndLove

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At (1:09:00) we kind of preview the Womens World Cup and talk a bit of soccer and at (1:19:06) we get an update on Docs calf and a bike update.

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