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  • Jun
  • 17
  • 2019

Episode 197 – Swagger (Josette Norris)

Episode 197 – Swagger (Josette Norris)

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I do not know how to summarize our introduction and then at (6:28) we are joined by Georgetown’s freshly minted all-american Josette Norris.

We start off talking about Farleys kids which leads us to (8:22) her journey to Nationals through the Regional Meet.

At (9:48) we go back to her basketball days and at (10:50) we talk about overcoming injuries.

At (12:56) we recap the NCAA 5K final and dealing with the extreme heat.

At (17:09) we focus on the importance of swagger.

At (21:00) we ask Josette what this accomplishment means to her.

At (23:05) the psychology majors swap stories and Chris delivers the best commencement speech ever.

At (26:40) we try to find out what the magic formula is for running success, and learn that the answer is simply committing. At (29:08) we finally get awkward.

At (31:20) we talk more about the future, ask how her family feels about pursuing this dream and try to persuade Josette to run in some unique professional uniforms.

At (36:50) our attempts to dig up some dirt on Julie falls short.

We are back at (39:18) to wrap up the interview. At (41:08) we remember Gabe Grunewald (guest on Episode 116), an inspiring professional runner who lost her long battle with cancer this week.

We close out at (46:05) covering the womens world cup better than any other running podcast out there.

At (54:53) we publish our google calendars.

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