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  • Jul
  • 3
  • 2019

Episode 198 – Sticker Game (Laura Mazer)

Episode 198 – Sticker Game (Laura Mazer)

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We open up celebrating West Virginia Day and the US Womens soccer victory over Sweden.

At (13:48) we are joined by viral superstar Laura Mazer, who tells us about her experience at the Pittsburgh Marathon that went viral.

At (14:49) We start out learning the unique story about how she got into running and why she started racing and the influence stickers have in her life.

At (23:44) we talk about the Pittsburgh Marathon and the story of finding her new friend Jessica in the middle of the race and how they motivated each other to the finish.

At (33:03) we ask about how she found out that her experience went viral and her reaction to the attention.

At (40:25) Laura talks about her job in manufacturing, long hours and hot conditions.

We are back at (44:14) to wrap up the interview and then at (46:31) in our transportation update, Farely has some Arlington Scooter Statistics, we get an update on the status and PTN starts a twitter account for scooter shaming.

At (50:54) we stay on the transportation theme, as Farley grinds his gears over a unique car accessory and impresses us with his geography prowess.

At (55:09) we get back to the running stories with an ageless story which we attach an age to, Julia Hurricane Hawkins, the 103 year old sprinter.

At (58:08) we talk about Mayor Jacob Frey declaring Gabe Grunewald day in Minneapolis.

At (1:02:05) the undefeated Yorktown Girls soccer team wins the state championship.

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