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  • Jul
  • 3
  • 2019

Episode 199 – Colorful Beers (Ted Hobart)

Episode 199 – Colorful Beers (Ted Hobart)

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We start out at (6:17) with the appropriate running topic the Womens World Cup in France and an interesting interview from Four Courts.

At (13:20) we are joined by marathon maniac Ted Hobart.

We start off discussing the very colorful beers that Ted has brought to the studio and Farley tries to interject a non-craft beer into the mix.

At (19:51) we ask Ted why he got into running and running in the back of the pack.

At (23:09) Ted talks about making the decision to run 50 marathons in 50 states, and then talks about the experience including some of the logistical decisions that go into planning the feat.

At (27:57) we ask about his running pseudonym.

At (28:47) we talk 10 marathons in 10 days and the inclusion of Ted’s beer tent.

At (43:06) we ask how running has changed Ted before (47:34) when we do the blind taste test.

At (52:10) we take a look at Ted’s medals and talk about whats next.

We are back at (57:32) to wrap up the interview and then at (58:45) we talk about Charlie Ban assisting in a key workout with former guest Josette Norris.

At (1:00:17) we have a quick thing real quick, a Docs dream come true, a bear on the race course.

At (1:05:03) we preview our 200th episode and at (1:06:00) we have a big announcement, we procured a new twitter handle (@scooterpatroldc) for some old fashioned scooter shaming.

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