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  • Aug
  • 7
  • 2019

Episode 201 – Back Back Back (Jose Ortiz)

Episode 201 – Back Back Back (Jose Ortiz)

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We play a little catch up to open the show.

At (10:16) we are joined by the founder of Run Hope Work, Jose Ortiz.

At (10:46) we get a quick local geography lesson, and then Jose tells us about how Run Hope Work works.

At (14:55) Jose tells us about how he got his start with running, how it changed his life, and the epiphany that he had on a run that inspired him to use running to help other people.

At (18:45) we learn more about Run Hope Work and whose life is it.

At (27:05) we talk about Keonte Haynesworth, a young man who was trying to improve his life through the program whose life was recently tragically cut short.

At (31:00) Jose talks about his past and the harsh environment that he escaped.

We are back at (36:20) to wrap up the interview.

At (37:44) we have an update on the US marathon Olympic Trials, including a guy Farleys age who is running in the race.

Then at (41:06) we talk about the US track and field championships that took place in Des Moines, Iowa last weekend, and touch on a few of the pace the nation performances.

At (44:51) we visit a topic that we have not touched in a while, a Docs Running update. Docs is actually running, he was suckered into running a leg in a relay race and might be that running guy in his neighborhood.

At (51:30) we talk about a the late Frank Meza whose body was found after multiple accusations of marathon cheating and cyber bullying.

At (1:01:18) we close out letting our listeners finally find out how the womens world cup turned out and at (1:03:22) Farley talks about an Olympic dad bod.



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