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  • Aug
  • 20
  • 2019

Episode 202 – Thats My Life (Molly Huddle)

Episode 202 – Thats My Life (Molly Huddle)

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We start off getting an update from our guest co-host Julie Culley.

At (10:57) we are joined by friend of the show, two time Olympian and 29 US champ Molly Huddle (on twitter and instagram). We start out talking about running, specifically her victory at the 10k at the US championships.

At (13:41) we talk about her London Marathon last April and try to find out what kind of runner Molly considers herself.

At (16:00) we circle back to the US championships in Des Moines to discuss race tactics.

At (20:16) we ask Molly about 29 US titles and oversized checks. At (22:42) we talk about the group that Ray Treacy coaches after college.

At (23:55) Molly tells us why she trains part time in Arizona and we ask about her support from her husband Kurt.

At (28:04) Farley wants to confirm the headline, does Molly consider herself a marathoner.

Running the 2018 NYC Marathon

At (29:45) Julie asks two questions at once because she figured out very quickly that Chris will hog the mic and she might not get the chance to ask her second question later, Julie asks what the transition from the track to the marathon will look like this fall, and what Mollys downtime will look like.

At (33:29) we talk about her sponsor Saucony and her current shoe choices and then at (36:10) we talk about her contributions to Runners World, running consistently and some strategies to stay mentally strong over her career.

At (39:35) Molly talks about the transition from the track to the marathon and talk a bit about the next year of running.

At (44:27) we have some quick questions about the Artiken bracelets and Mollys Donuts and at (46:44) Molly tells us about submitting her request to add the female running emoji.

At (48:24) Docs gets to ask a question about Notre Dame.

At (49:21) Julie steals Farleys thunder which is why Docs says she can keep coming back, but Farley asks what 2020 and beyond look like for Molly.

We are back at (52:50) to wrap up the interview and pat ourselves on the back for breaking multiple stories.

At (55:26) we talk about an upcoming extravagant kids birthday party on a pirate ship.

At (1:01:28) Farley has an exciting story about checking Docs mail. No seriously, it has a dog in the story so it is PTN approved.

At (1:06:23) we talk about baseball, Bryce Harper and Charlie Manuel and tie it to an iconic running coach.

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