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  • Aug
  • 27
  • 2019

Episode 203 – Ole Whats Her Face (Desmond Dunham)

Episode 203 – Ole Whats Her Face (Desmond Dunham)

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We catch up with guest co-host Joanna e Russo, who out of character talks weather and raves about the eating options in Syracuse.

At (9:47) Farley has a bone to pick with Joanna which opens some eyes about Strava conspiracy theories, and Docs has some advice for the work force.

At (15:01) we are joined by DCXC invitational race director Desmond Dunham from the All Run Washington pep rally.

At (16:30) the heavy reporting comes out and we ask why it’s called St. Johns College high school.

At (18:35) Desmond talks about his career track coaching and a St Johns success story.

At (21:02) its cross country time, and we talk about the process to select the top high school cross country athletes and at (24:00) we talk about the DCXC invitational.

At (27:00) we talk about the growth of cross country and some of the benefits of participating in the sport.

At (31:03) we talk more about Desmonds background coaching and at (35:09) Farley pries about some vacation details.

We are back at (36:36) to wrap up the interview.

At (38:20) we talk about the kids birthday party on a pirate ship and Docs has some great ideas for next time.

At (46:21) Farley spotted a couple of previous PTN guests last week.

At (49:00) we talk about the dog days of running which is running weather talk and Farley defines the dew point for us.

At (52:45) we have the big announcement that we have been hinting – a new Pacers pop up location in the district.

At (57:02) we practice our best peer pressure.

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