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  • Sep
  • 30
  • 2019

Episode 208 – Funghi (Mark Remy)

Episode 208 – Funghi (Mark Remy)

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Its just the guys today, so we start off with lots of questions.

At (6:50) we are joined by Mark Remy (@realdumbrunner), who holds every conceivable title from Dumb Runner.

At (7:55) we ask for (and receive) the Dumb Runner origin story.

At (11:45) we find out which came first, the writer or the running.

At (14:24) we go back to the executive editor days at Runners World.

At (16:03) we talk about developing and working out the running humor muscles, and filling the running humor void.

At (24:51) Mark talks about his published books.

At (27:42) we attempt to explore other interests and then at (29:13) we take a deep dive down the decision to move to Portland.

At (34:45) we get indignant at a social media squatter.

We are back at (37:43) to wrap up the interview and offer some good advice.

At (40:27) Farley runs the Clarendon Day 5k and kids race and then has a memorable trip to the local grocery store, which helps us transition at (47:32) to a couple of environmental topics.

At (53:38) we talk about the H Street Pacers Grand Opening Party and we close out with some twitter feedback.

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