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  • Oct
  • 22
  • 2019

Episode 211 – Expos (Jeff Stein)

Episode 211 – Expos (Jeff Stein)

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We open up with special guest Heather J. (@yourinnerpace) who was given the opening segment as a forum to offer a counter point from a previous guest. This is a one off segment so enjoy it without getting any ideas for yourself.

At (9:53) we change gears and Farley fails to contain his excitement for the Washington Nationals and the bros talk baseball and at (14:33) while still talking baseball the guys also talk about sports team clothing.

At (18:39) we are finally joined by the 2018 Marine Corps Mens Marathon champ Jeff Stein. We start out talking about our favorite topics, new kids and PTN.

At (21:35) we talk about how Jeff got his start in running during Law School and transitioning into the more serious running scene.

At (22:38) we talk about his full time job as a public defender and explore the relationship between the demands from his career and his relationship with running.

At (26:48) we talk about the complete opposite experience Jeff had in the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon, when he and another elite runner went the wrong way on the course.

At (33:33) we get into his experience in 2018 which (spoiler alert) lead to a win.

At (39:40) we ask for some MCM pro tips for our listeners competing in the peoples marathon this weekend before revisiting the big win from 2018.

At (44:33) Jeff talks about a spring injury and the build up to CIM and we talk about his coach, and how his schedule influences having to do most of his training on his own.

We are back at (52:13) to wrap up the interview before (53:00) Docs talks about his weekend at West Springfield attending the Hall of Fame induction of teammate Chris Banks who better listen to this episode.

At (1:00:30) we talk about the Kipchoge sub two hour marathon in Vienna not Virginia and Docs tries to connect the dots to a recent running news cycle, the race, PTN records and of course the shoes.

At (1:09:08) we talk about the Womens Marathon Record going down at the feet of Brigid Kosgei in Chicago and we throw out an offer that Kosgei cannot refuse, and then we talk about a couple of athletes that dropped out of Chicago.

At (1:15:30) we have a transportation update, a segment usually reserved for Joanna but hopefully lives up to her expectations.

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