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  • Nov
  • 4
  • 2019

Episode 213 – Water Fight (Ariel Laguilles)

Episode 213 – Water Fight (Ariel Laguilles)

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We open the show with a Marie Corps Marathon recap, we out some race bandits in Georgetown and compromise the identity of an individual in the network of spies.

At (14:09) we are joined by long distance runner Ariel Laguilles (@ariel_l), a local teacher and cross country coach at Gonzaga College High School.

Areil talks about running the Ignatius Way, a 408 mile trail recreating the 16th century pilgrimage of St Ignatius. Ariel tells us the orgin story of the decision to take on this challenge, we discuss his preparation including a solo practice run of the toughest stretch and then a play by play of the ups and downs detailing the journey and the Fastest Known Time.

We are back at (1:02:12) to wrap up the interview before we preview the New York City Marathon at (1:04:06).

At (1:08:00) our former guest Derek Murphy (Episode 105) is back in the news after catching a race bandit on the news.

At (1:16:30) our hosts go on record before game 6 of the World Series expressing their hopes that the home town Nationals can win it all.

At (1:21:40) Docs has a running story.

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