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  • Nov
  • 12
  • 2019

Episode 214 – Stand Up (Brittany Charboneau)

Episode 214 – Stand Up (Brittany Charboneau)

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After a long table setting, we open up at (5:30) with an update on our ongoing coverage of the World Series and at (7:30) our Halloween recap.

At (12:59) we are joined by 2019 MCM champion Brittany Charboneau (funnyrunner26.2 on instagram and check out her website thefunnyrunner.com).

At (15:34) we start out talking about her other job, acting and comedy, and attempt to explain the difference between improv, sketch and standup, and then ask about comedic influences and physical comedy.

At (24:25) we ask Brittany if there are any difference in nerves between performing and racing.

At (26:08) Brittany talks about why she decided to run the Marine Corps marathon and dive into the race details.

At (32:00) we talk about the upcoming Atlanta Olympic Marathon Trials.

At (35:10) we ask about her coach and then at (36:58) we talk social media and generations.

At (40:15) we talk about her current training. At (42:06) Docs asked for advice on how someone could dip their toes into comedy.

We are back at (46:18) to wrap up the interview and continue the conversation explaining the difference between standup and sketch comedy.

At (52:12) we insert a transition so that Docs can run back into the studio and the guys can talk about the New York City Marathon experience, and most importantly, Farleys sub 3 hour marathon attempt for 2019.


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I usually don’t post this type of stuff but… 20 years ago in my first marathon I ran 2:43 – I couldn’t believe what an experience it was in NYC. Today, 20 years later I ran 2:55. It was my 21st year in a row running a sub 3 marathon. In ’99 I didn’t appreciate running as much as I do today. It’s harder now. But more rewarding. This weekend was amazing thanks to the @newbalancerunning team and @nyrr – but it’s really my @runpacers team who supports all runners (including me) and my family who allow me to do all these runs (@azfarley watching the kids while I run long!) and my wife @jeculley2012 who supports my obsession every step of the way. Sorry Julie, looks like I need to train for 22. Here’s some pics and videos from the day in NY. #foreveryrun

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At (1:07:30) we have an update on a previous Marathon Investigator story.

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